Utah & States That Touch It - Want a Wedding Film Deal? {that includes you Las Vegas!}

Yes, I am trapped in the state I grew-up in: Utah! You know, I don't think it matters where you grow-up, but when you are forced to go back for a bit doesn't it always seem like torture? Not that I don't love spending time with my family, it's just that I got enough of this place in junior high and high school if you know what I mean.

So, I am back in Utah until December-ish as a family member was very ill and has since passed away. :( I thought I would stay on here for a bit to help out, keep Mom & Dad company, and wait around to see some snow. Oh, and edit edit edit. Of which I am doing day in and day out. Someday I will see daylight again, I know it!

See, I have a reason I mention all this besides gaining sympathy of being trapped in the place I grew-up {and being thisclose to my old high school...shudder...} - I am bored out of my mind! Project Runway is over! I already saw Quarantine at the theater! I've visited all the local antique stores! And I only have one friend left toiling in the Utah landscape and she is in medical school, ignoring me on my sabbatical here for silly things like learning how to deliver babies and do surgery. The nerve!

So what does that mean for you? Well, if you are getting married in Utah and/or a state that touches it and is close-by {and yes, that includes the city of Las Vegas because I love me some Las Vegas!} then I am totally ready, willing, and able to throw some deals your way! That's right, packages are on sale for everybody in close range! I shoot my last official wedding of the year next weekend in San Francisco {I always love to visit my beautiful SF} and after that I am free as a bird.

Let my boredom be your wedding film deal...get me out of this house and I will be happy to give some discounts and shoot your lovely wedding day on the grainy, nostalgia-soaked medium that is super 8 film...ooooooh, is anyone getting married in or near the snow and/or in a canyon here in Utah? I would love it! ;)

E-mail me at: info@layercakefilms.com if you're interested...until then I will continue staring out the window hoping for snow...and editing...


Amy Nieto said...

Haha for some reason this post made me laugh hard. If I still lived in Vegas I would pretend I was getting married and hire you and then we'd go shooting Vegas with 8mm love. I bought an electronic Super 8 today at a thrift shop for $15, looks to be in great condition and still even has the film cartridge inside. Let's see if it works!

Layer Cake Films said...

I wish you still lived there too, I would totally come shoot with you...even a pretend wedding (ha!) It gets SO boring here, I swear...

Good luck with the camera! That's so cool there's film inside. I would go crazy wanting to know what was on it...I love old footage!!!