Dear Laduree...

...you're killing me. Seriously. Killing. Me. Stop making such delicious and beautiful pastries. Stop making your precious and exquisite macaroons. And on top of that please stop posting pictures of all those things on your website. Because I don't live in Paris. Or London. And I really want a Rose Religieuse pastry right about now followed by a Mangue Jasmin Macaroon chaser.

You're killing me. Seriously. Stop. Before I purchase a really expensive plane ticket.

Unfulfilled American Pastry Eater,


*I thought I'd leave you all with these delicious photo's from Laduree's website while I am off to San Francisco to shoot my last wedding of the season. Enjoy!*


Jessamyn Harris said...

mmmm! not fair, I have been craving something sweet, but nothing can compete with Parisian patisseries (although there are some good bakeries in SF...)
Safe travels!

JennieDee said...

You have the most inspiring and creative blog I have ever read. I enjoy reading, keep up the great work!!


Layer Cake Films said...

Jessamyn: I'm of course hitting up Miette while I'm in town! ;) See you on Saturday!
JennieDee: Thank you! :)