{DIY} Cake in a Box

One of my most favorite things from this wedding season was the Layer Cake Films invention of the Cake in a Box, a DIY super 8 film kit! I haven't really done much advertising or talking about it because I have been so busy shooting! But this week I finally had time to take the postcard I made for the Cake in a Box and upload it to the website. I'm really excited about how the postcard turned out...maybe I was inspired by Pushing Daisies and made it as cute and colorful as I could! I did have one friend tell me it looked like a baby shower announcement, all the pastel and soft colors, but I love it and think it fits in nicely with the other Layer Cake colors. I tend toward the soft colors for Layer Cake because they remind me of icing and/or frosting. And I'm not kidding. I really based my company's color scheme on frosting. Take a look at the new Cake in a Box page HERE.

I've rented out the Cake in a Box a handful of times already this year and I've been impressed with the footage I've gotten back. There are some good shooters out there, available at fair, decent rates to shoot your day. I'll have a Cake in a Box edit up on the website by the end of the month so everyone can see that with a little effort of looking for a shooter and having a tight shot list you can have some nice super 8 shot at your wedding for a really great price!

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Wedding Boutique and More said...

Hi there...writing from Milan, italy. Your DIY cake in a box idea is absolutely grand! WOuld you rent it out in italy as well?
Please, pretty please?

baci, Alessandra