New Highlights on Our Website Demo Page!

Hello out there in internet-world...I'm not even going into the amount of time I've been missing from this blog! Let's just say I was in witness protection for knowing too much about the wedding industry, or the cupcake industry, or something clever like that... ;)

I just wanted to let everyone know that the website has been updated {finally}! We have all new highlights on the demo page, which yes, took me way too long to get together but I did do it, just a year or so longer than expected!

Included in the demo update is the much asked for example of a Cake in a Box film. I chose Jilli & John's wedding as I felt they had one of the best Cake in a Box films to come through here and that is mainly due to the fact that they hired a local film student to shoot for them AND he actually read our instruction booklet about shooting super 8 instead of just guessing. ;)

I have also finally included examples of weddings we had videography at, as well as just audio recording, and even some 16mm film {which is beautiful}!

Check out our new highlights and thanks for stopping by!

*If you can't watch the new highlights it is likely you don't have the Quicktime plug-in. Please let us know if you can't watch the demo's as in a few days we will be able to link you to a video hosting service to watch our highlights there, though they won't be as good as quality as the ones on our website!*