Tail of the Yak {in Berkeley}

Today on the way into San Francisco I stopped at Tail of the Yak in Berkeley. I love this store, it is so beautiful, but seriously, the prices are even more insane than the last time I visited. I only say that because I'm jealous. Jealous of the person who can walk in there and buy whatever they want. So unfair...I think I am quite deserving of a $12,500 santos from 18th century England. If I don't deserve it than who does I ask you? Who? ;)All the santos in Tail of the Yak are so soulful; just stunning. I could stare at them all day {that sounds a little psychotic doesn't it?} This time around they also had some Victorian taxidermy including some domed birds {I would seriously sell some of my organs to buy more Victorian domes...they are so lovely and delicate...I want them all!}

Tail of the Yak is definitely not a store to say, shop in, but more just a place to stare at unique, lovely, enchanting things you could never afford. It's museum-like in a way, which is probably why I love it so much. I did in fact buy something today...not the $1500 Victorian Sea Weed book I coveted or the $1200 antique penguin skeleton that sat high atop a cabinet...but some little bottles and a small Christmas gift that is beyond adorable. And yes, those little things do make me happy. Who needs dead birds and crusty old books? {I do I do! Please, let me win the lottery!!!}

The store really is nice enough just to visit. It's very small but so eclectic the size doesn't matter all that much. If you're in the Berkeley area anyway it's definitely worth stopping in just for the decoration. And how can you not want to visit a store that houses a big fat white {live} bird in a ginormous birdcage right smack in the middle? Ambience overload...I adore it.

Oh, and of course stupid here complained forever that I forgot my camera and couldn't take any photo's of Tail of the Yak for this blog. Then I promptly walked outside, got in the car, drove across the Bay Bridge, and realized that I have an iPhone. That takes pictures. Very nice pictures. Duh. Ya, I'm so 21st century everybody. I apparently need to pull my head out of those 19th century domes I love so much and get with the millennia. Sigh.

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