{Cool Vendor} Bird and Banner

I have found my new most favorite wedding invitation ever. These are so cool and unique and so my style {the whimsical vintage Paris side, not the dark horror movie goth side}. These invitations were made by a company called Bird and Banner. A fabulous company that I just found out about!

So check these invites out. The invites were based on a bride's theme of Paris Flea Market and they are printed on vintage handkerchiefs. Awesome. I have a friend who creates art pieces by printing on handkerchiefs, but I never thought of an invite to a party or wedding that way. So so cool.
Not only are they cool they're stunning! So well done. I even love the addition of the old postcard back as the RSVP. I collect so many vintage photo's and postcards and the backs of them are so beautiful. I cannot gush about this idea and the execution of it enough!

Bird and Banner also has these adorable invites/Save the Dates pictured on their site:

Bird and Banner are going to be at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this weekend and guess what? I get to go! I'm in town during the fair and I'm sooooo excited because I never really time this stuff right, but finally I make it to a city at the same time of a great show. Eeeeeee!


Amy Nieto said...

Oh my oh my oh my oh my. Please be around in about 10 years or so when I get hitched (or maybe less, who knows). Your company is simply the coolest thing I've seen in a while. I am a photographer (soon relocating to Portland, OR) who loves it when people ask me to be non-traditional. It really hasn't happened yet, but I am hoping I 'll be able to crank up my vintage still cameras.

Honestly, you guys rock. And omg, cake, are you kidding me? I love cake more than anything in this world!

Wendy said...

Are these not the most amazing invites!! I have clients using Erin and Nicole and I love them. Really nice girls, besides their unique designs!