The Ritzy Bee & Upcoming Fun

I know! I've been missing! But it wasn't on purpose {really}. I have had company for the last few days and then extending into this week so I have been running around town, having too much fun, and of course, eating too much.

I do want to say a huge thanks to Maria over at the Ritzy Bee blog. She gave us the sweetest write-up today and I am beyond flattered to be included amongst all the beautiful and inspiring things she posts about everyday {I know, a blogger who blogs everyday, fancy that! I'm such a bad blogger!} You can visit her blog here {Ritzy Bee} and read the write-up about Layer Cake {here}. Thanks so much Maria and Ritzy Bee! We can only dream of having this blog as lovely and inspiring as yours {I know, fat chance...I'm too busy stuffing cupcakes in my mouth to have a blog like that}! Hee!

So, some exciting things coming up this week and in the next few weeks that I look forward to telling you more about:
{1} Layer Cake is goin' to NYC to shoot, eat, shop, hang out, and visit totally cool friends
{2} I'll be in Richmond, Virginia shooting a lovely wedding at a beautiful plantation
{3} Cupcake baking {finally, someone is here to help me eat all of them!}
{4} The discovery of some new amazing still camera's {the Holga is back!}
{5} Hark! Is that London calling? Hmmmm, possibly...{yay!}

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