{sugar Sweet sunshine} Heaven With Frosting

So, as I said yesterday I went to two cupcakeries that fateful day in NYC. The other bakery I went to was sugar Sweet sunshine {and yes, that's how they capitalize and don't capitalize their name}.

Holy. crap. I think these may be my most favorite cupcake of all time. But I'm not sure! Violet's in Pasadena is still waaaaaay up there as well as Amy's Babycakes {now known as Vanilla Bakeshop in Santa Monica and I have not tried her cupcakes since she moved and changed her name}.

These. Cupcakes. Were. Amazing. Now, because I had just stuffed my face at Little Giant and Babycakes NYC I was seriously so full I was really close to upchucking. Really. Plus it was hot outside and sugar Sweet sunshine is in that part of the Lower East Side that really smells like rotting garbage. There are certain parts of NYC that just smell foul. I think that's just the way it is. Even if they lined the streets with potpourri baskets everyday it would just be rank. It would smell like festering potpourri in about an hour, you know what I mean? Some area's just have an embedded smell of rot. So, that is where the bakery is. It's smelly. So that combined with the heat and my previous face-stuffing I almost didn't go. But I was like, I'm here, I should just go in {for those wondering why I just didn't get a cupcake to go it's because I had a full schedule for the day and didn't want to carry a bag around plus it was hot and the frosting would melt...god forbid!}.So I go in and first was pleasantly surprised that my cupcake was only $1.50. A steal. I don't think I've paid that little for a cupcake since I made my own! And they were fully stocked on all the flavors for the day {it was around 2pm} which is awesome because I hate when bakeries run out of a certain flavor because of course that's the one I've been craving. I decide to sit and eat my cupcake there because I'm afraid if I eat while I walk the smell of garbage will push my stomach over-the-edge and there will be Little Giant all over the sidewalk {gross}. And, for the first time ever, I think, I decide to eat my cupcake with a fork because my hands felt sticky. I mention this because I think this made the cupcake even tastier for some reason.
This cupcake was sooooooo good. OMG. It was a taste of food that I imagine they serve in heaven. Not only was the frosting delicious, but the cake. The cake. People {myself included} tend to forget the importance of the cake if the frosting is good enough. But the cake on this cupcake was insanely good. Soft and moist and like real cake. Not too airy but not too thick. So frakkin' good.

sugar Sweet sunshine. Take me back to heaven. I still weep because I was so full and couldn't eat more than one {barely one}. I wanted to try every flavor and I will. I will.

I'm coming back soon sugar Sweet sunshine. Be prepared.

{sugar Sweet sunshine was also the top cupcake place on Zagat's 2008 NYC cupcake survey. So I'm not alone in my cake-lust. The survey gives some great places to try. Check it out here}

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