Two Days...

I move in days!

I am so tired of packing but excited none-the-less! I'm looking forward to sharing Layer Cake Films with the other coast. Having the company on both coasts now is amazing. The people are all still wonderful but the venue's change so drastically! It's like shooting in different countries. California venue's always feel a little more urban and most of the time take place outdoors and so far all the east coast weddings we're doing are at lovely old mansions and plantations or huge government buildings with ginormous atriums! I so look forward to working on both coasts and experiencing the difference between the two firsthand.

I will be back in California so much this year that in a way it's almost like I'm not moving but just finding a new place to put my stuff! I can now officially call myself "bi-coastal"!


char said...

i love, love, love your company...and cupcakes

i have a major editing crush on the stuff you've done, and as another freelance editor, i enjoyed getting re-inspired by your work. you rock.

Layer Cake Films said...

Thanks Char!!!