{Cool Vendor} D. Sharp - Paper Genius!

One of my favorite things about weddings back in the day was the prominence of the cake topper. This tradition, while still around, is not as important as it used to be. Granted, the cakes themselves have become the stars and they don't need any extra decoration for the most part. But the old school toppers were just adorable and in a lot of cases one of the only things people kept to remember their day (I have my Mom & Dad's safely tucked away...waiting to be prominently displayed in my office someday). Maybe my love of wedding cake toppers stems from the fact that they just look so vintage. They instantly make me think of the 1950's! And whenever I can think about anything vintage, combined with something that's been frosted, I'm good.

When I was in Seattle last summer shooting a wedding I came across an adorable cupcake bakery named Trophy Cupcakes. While I was there gorging myself unashamedly, I browsed through their little store and they were selling handmade paper trophies and tiara's that were just beautiful. I bought one of the trophies and if it wasn't packed away I would photograph it. It turns out this paper-genius who makes these little odds and ends is named D. Sharp. I loved her work so much I found her on the internet and discovered (happily) that not only does she have a lovely blog but that she also makes wedding cake finials and toppers! They are amazing! In fact, after I flipped through the new Martha Stewart Wedding Cakes book I saw they had a cake designed by D. Sharp in there (pictured below). It is adorable!

What I really love though are her cake finial pieces (some pictured below). They are so stunning. Like little pieces of cake art! She does custom toppers and I think they are well worth the money because her work, in person, is so detailed and precious.

I would love to have her make me a custom top for my wedding cake because I would of course save it after my hitching and put it inside a vintage dome to display in my office or home somewhere. Seriously, it makes me want to get married. And yes, I will do anything for cake and a custom cake topper...even get married. ;)

I think an important thing to remember is that her pieces are all made out of paper. All those little decorations on the cake from the Martha Stewart book are finely crafted pieces of paper. I find that amazing as I have never even been able to fold a paper airplane that flies.
All images are from D. Sharp's website. You should visit her blog too, it is sooooo inspiring!

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