Press Press Baby

(Ya, the title should be sung to the tune of Ice Ice Baby. Ya, I'm that lame.)

Well, I am finally moved! That took forever. I have taken a day off to sleep...well, at least to sleep-in! Of course the first thing I did was go buy a TV Guide in my new area to see what time Judge Judy comes on here. A day without Judy is like a day without air for me. I love that woman. Did writing that just completely throw me deeper into the "I'm lame" category? Oh well, I can't help it. I have been addicted to Judge Judy for at least 7 years!

So, imagine my surprise and excitement when I got here and realized that Layer Cake got some great press while I was out traveling around looking for a place to live. We got written up on Bon Mariage, one of my favorite wedding blogs! I was so excited when the lovely Diana e-mailed me to let me know she had found our work and was featuring it on her blog. I had Bon Mariage as a link over there on my favorites list so I was uber-happy when she discovered Layer Cake. Read our great write-up here: Piece of Cake. I'm also really excited that a Washington DC event planner found us as I would love to shoot there more. DC is SO beautiful; I really like it there and can't wait to shoot there in April, during cherry blossom season (Eeeeeeee! That's my squeal of excitement for those who don't know me). It is going to be amazing...we can't wait!

Thanks Bon Mariage!

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