Smashing Pumpkins + Layer Cake = Pumpkin Cake?

So here's some exciting news...a Layer Cake Films crew member and the Layer Cake super 8 camera's shot the new music video for the freshly relaunched Smashing Pumpkins! Cool huh? Yes, we remember the angst filled 90's, the great Siamese Dream album (that we of course owned) and our crush on Billy Corgan. Actually, I wonder if it is ever possible to get the song "Today" out of your head completely? Personally I adored the song "Disarm." What a great record. I also have that album cover etched into my brain forever as I worked at a record store when it came out. Well, Billy (and me) are all grown-up now. Despite all his rage, I wonder if he's still just a rat in a cage? (waaaa waaaa)
I can't wait to see the footage and the finished product! I'm sure it will be amazing. See, now you'll know when we shoot your wedding that those super 8 camera's are famous music video shootin' camera's. Now you'll be less than six degree's of separation from Billy Corgan...oooooh, cool!

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yum yum!