Freshly Baked Blog

Mmmmmm, what's that...? I smell blog...freshly baked blog! Hey y'all! The Layer Cake Films official blog is here! I've had a personal blog for almost a year now and I thought it was time to start one just for Layer Cake. Eventually my personal blog will morph into this one...I can't imagine being able to keep up with two blogs!

First I want to thank my lovely blog graphics designer: Leigh-Ann at
Freckled Nest. She made the banner look like frosted cookies and for that I am forever grateful (yum, frosted cookies...). Secondly, I want to thank Joe over at Blog Help 911. Seriously, this blog would not look like this without him. He's genius! And so giving with his time...you'd think by now he'd have sent me a nasty e-mail saying, "There is nothing left to tweak...go to bed lady!" But, he has not and I think the two of them have enjoyed my to the miniscule-detail control issues when it comes to my websites. Thanks you two!

So, for this inaugural Layer Cake Films post I'm giving you my most favorite wedding picture ever. My parents! They were married in 1970 and I cannot tell you the amount of joy it gives me, every time I look at this photo, to see my Mom and the un-matching to her own hair color hair piece. Thirty-eight years and counting...how deliciously sweet!


Freckled Nest said...

Freckled Nest loves Layer Cake right back!!!

*amanda* said...

ooooh your blog looks wonderful! as a bride to be, i think i will definitely be subscribing to your feed :)

Urban Doll said...

It looks so sweeeeet!~ I feel like getting re-married just to have the footage done by Layer Cake~!
Jill @ www.urbannostlgia.com