{Cool Vendor} DK Designs: Fake Flowers For Those of Us With Taste

I happened upon DK Designs by way of Etsy Wedding. I was floored that these flowers were fake and made of clay, every petal, by hand. Seriously?! That is crazazy! That would be like me lining strips of plastic with emulsion and then sprocketing each frame to make super 8 film to shoot with. Making these beautiful creations must require the patience of a saint which immediately throws me out of the craft since I can barely wait for the toast to pop-up in the morning without complaining loudly. The best part of this though is that Diane's (DK) flowers look amazing. It could have gone two ways: completely sucky and sad looking clay monstrosities or absolutely shockingly fab looking creations so real you keep trying to sniff them. It's the latter y'all.
So I immediately ran over to Diane's Etsy store, DK Designs, and bought the above little arrangement with my most fave flower, the dahlia! I haven't received it yet and you wanna know why? Because Ms. Diane was on the Martha Stewart show yesterday making these clay flowers with Martha!!! How cool is that? On DK's blog she talks about how the Martha show found her and asked her to come on (all in the span of about 5 days!). So the piece I bought was apparently on the Martha show and I didn't get to catch it yesterday (Xanadu was on, remember?) but they are going to upload the segment to Martha's website today.

Here is where the obsessive collector thing in me comes in. So it's probably not plausible to have all your wedding flower table arrangements made out clay so you can keep them because the cost and time would be astronomical I'm sure (even though DK's creations are really reasonably priced I have to say) and where the hell would you store all those pieces? BUT, if you're an obsesso collector of things like me and you like to keep little things as memories you could have one of your arrangements made by DK Designs so you always remember them and have one of them with you! How cool! AND if you go to DK Design's website you will see the most fantastic thing...the bride's bouquet made out of clay! Eeeeeeeeeeee! How insanely neat-o is that??? I am one of those people who would obsess over not being able to keep my bouquet because it would sadly die and become brittle but this way, you always have it. And, they look amazing. Again, I am floored by this woman's work. Amazing.

(These bouquets are totally made out of clay! INSANE!)

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