On The Road

I'm back in my old hometown. And it greeted me with a big old smack o' smog in the face with a side order of oppressive heat right after getting off the plane. Thanks for the welcome back Los Angeles!

I'm in town for a month, shooting lovely weddings every weekend! I shoot in LA, Malibu, Vegas, and San Francisco this month. Crazy! Then right after the San Francisco wedding I shoot in Florida again {and I'm a little nervous about that one...isn't it hurricane season? Eek!}

I have to tell you it is really hard to pick and choose what stuff to take with you when you can't go home for an entire month. But, I have some lovely super 8 stills to show off in the next few days. In fact I may just post one or two in a little bit...traveling makes me so spontaneous! Stop me before I go really crazy!

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