Etsy Wedding Hearts Us!

How excited was I today when the lovely Jen (onesmallstar on Etsy), the amazing blogstress (is that a word, even a made-up internet one?) of the Etsy Wedding blog e-mailed me to say she had done a post on Layer Cake! Eeeeeeeeeee! I read the Etsy Wedding blog everyday and had noticed a few weeks ago Layer Cake was added as a link. I e-mailed Jen to say thank you and instead of just saying, "You're welcome, I'm one of the coolest people on Etsy," she did a blog post on us instead. Amazing! Thank you Jen...we heart Etsy Wedding!

Read the great (and hilarious) write-up Jen did on us here: layercakefilms: super 8mm weddings

Wondering why we were on Etsy Wedding? Because Layer Cake actually has an Etsy store silly! I found Etsy a few years ago and within a day was infatuated. I opened a store selling cards and things last July. Then I created the Cake in a Box package almost entirely based on my love of Etsy and the whole handmade DIY movement. So, I thought it only fitting to let all my Etsy friends know about Layer Cake by opening a shop (layercakefilms.etsy.com). BTW, you can't link to the Etsy shop by the image below...I can't get the Etsy Mini to show up inside the post so I just stuck a picture in! ;)

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