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I wanted to share with you one my most favorite Etsy sellers at the moment, lushbella. Lushbella is a photographer who has a delightful hobby of collecting little bits and objects and then arranging them and snapping a photo. So simple but so gorgeous! I love the crispness of her photography but mostly the quirkiness of the whole idea (and of the objects she selects). I've been known to collect little teeny bits of everything, from places I go to things I want to remember, so the whole idea is so cool to me. The prints come in 5x7 but you can request them at a larger size for a more expensive price. I sooooo want to get one at 20x30 and hang it in my office. One of her photo's ornately framed hanging by itself on a blank wall along with my whole film, bakery, candy store theme going on in here would look so amazing and kinda give off a slightly Willy Wonka-ish vibe...and isn't that what everyone wants in an office? Of course they do.
The best part...lushbella does custom photography! So you can send her any bits and bobs that are special to you and she arranges them and photographs it. I would freak for a custom piece! I am already squirreling away little things here and there so I can have her do a custom piece for me sometime. She also has a listing right now for a custom wedding piece. What a fab idea! Little trinkets that remind you of or are from your wedding day all beautifully photographed in a quirky little composition. A program, flowers, a favor, lace, beads, a boutonniere...you could have her photograph such a cool smattering of wedding day mementos.

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{all photographs are from lushbella's Etsy store}

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Joe the Pro said...

Hi Mama Cake, OK I see you have been busy >> I am back from my engagement weekend from east Texas so email me and let's get you set str8.